Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Move In Day

As many of you already know move in day starts next week. This is an exciting time on campus as many students are moving on to campus for the very first time. When new students arrive on campus there will be current students waiting to help move the new students into their residence halls. These students assist with unpacking the car and taking belongings to each of the the new student's room. For this reason it is very important that you label all of your belongings with your name, room number, and the residence hall you are living in so there is no confusion on where to take your things. Also a helpful tip for move in day would be to wear comfortable shoes, because you will be doing a lot of walking, so it is important that you are comfortable for the remainder of that day.

When you first arrive to move in for Move In Day you will come to overflow, where the MSU staff will give you further instructions. It is imperative that you arrive at overflow first to receive the directions on where to go next, and to keep campus as organized as possible. To get to the overflow parking lot from interstate 64 you will take 32 into town towards Morehead. You will continue on 32 until it ends at U.S. 60, when you arrive at this traffic light you will turn left. After you turn left at the light you will drive down 60 for almost a mile and you will turn right on University Boulevard at the light. There will be signs directing you from the interstate. Also here is a link to the campus map too see exactly where it is you are going.   
 The schedule for move in day is as follows:

New Student Move In Dates & Times

Wednesday, August 12th
  • 1:00PM-4:00PM: Fields Hall; Mignon Tower; Cartmell Hall
  • 5:00PM- 8:00PM: East Mignon Hall; Cooper Hall; Alumni Tower
Thursday August 13th
  • 8:00AM- 11:00AM: West Mignon Hall; Butler Hall; Nunn Hall
Returning Students Move In Date & Time

Friday August 14th
  • 8:00 AM - 9:00PM: All buildings will be open for returning students to move in
If you need to apply for another time to move in you can apply here.

If there are any further questions you can view the Housing website here,

Once you are moved onto campus there is a schedule of events for the new students.

For me as an out of state student I was extremely nervous when I got on campus, I did  not know anyone. I was very excited on move in day, but once my parents left I was feeling nervous about how I was going to make friends. Luckily the University provides these new student days to help you make those friends and meet new people. You have the opportunity to get information on all of the clubs here on campus to get you involved, you meet the president, as well as the SGA president at the new student induction, and many other fun activities. During this time I became less and less nervous about my college experience because I kept meeting new people and finding out more about the University, this is when Morehead State really became my home away from home and I was finally comfortable.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Much More about Brooke

Hi everyone! My name is Brooke, and I will be blogging on Beakerpedia for this semester.

 I am currently a senior from the Dayton, Ohio area. When I came on campus my senior year of high school I fell in love with the campus and how beautiful the campus was, the trees were different shades of orange and red. When I went on my campus tour I could not believe how friendly everyone was. Everyone was happy to see us, to tell us all about the campus, and more than happy to help us with whatever we needed. I felt before I had decided to attend here, they had already welcomed me into the Eagle family.

I knew from the beginning of my college career, that I wanted to be involved with campus life as much as possible. I am involved in many things on campus, I joined a sorority my freshman year, and throughout that time, I learned how to be a leader by being on many committees and holding an executive council position within the chapter. For the past 3 years I spend my afternoons at the University Farm, where I am a proud member of the Equestrian Team and also the president. For the past 2 years, I have had the opportunity to help incoming freshman with being a SOAR leader. As a college student, I know funds can be tight, so I also work on campus in the Office of Communications and Marketing as a student employee.

I am blogging to help you with the transition to college. Some of the topics I will be covering  will be about food and dining services, housing on campus, getting involved at MSU, how to get a work study,  financial aid,  paying your bill, and how to understand your class schedule. Stay posted to learn these things and much more!